woman holding map
woman holding map


I've been traveling since I was kid, my family love traveling, camping, fishing, swimming, and a lot of out door activities. When I was in university, I've lived in the US, it was the first living abroad. I've faced many culture shocks but it was a special moment in my life.

I believe that meeting new people, living in a new place and facing differences make me growing.

Then I've lived in Spain for a year, United Kingdom for 2 years, and the Netherlands for 1 years and until now. I've been having so many feeling in each traveling and living abroad. Fun, Happy, Sad, Lonely, struggling and much more. Every feelings are meaningful and appreciate each experience.

I love having the moments the feeling above while traveling. I enjoy culture differences and challenging situations and trying new cuisines.

Travel makes you brave and stronger.

Let's travel and open your inner adventurous spirits!