Affordable JR ticket Autumn Unlimited Ride Pass

9/9/20232 min read

orange train between fall trees
orange train between fall trees

Do you know JR offers several affordable tickets? Not only "JR pass", they have "Autumn Unlimited Ride Pass" 「秋の乗り放題パス」which is unlimited raiding for region trains all in Japan and some part of ferry. The difference between with "JR pass" is that not possible to ride shinkansens and express trains. Basically autumn version of "Seisyun-18-ticket" 「青春18切符」. Autumn Unlimited Ride Pass is a special offer to celebrate “Railways Day” (14 October) within two-weeks.

The Autumn All-You-Can-Ride Pass allows unlimited rides on ordinary and rapid trains, BRT and the JR West Miyajima Ferry on all JR lines in Japan, and is valid for three consecutive days.

You can make purchase the ticket at the station “Midori no Madoguchi” in JR station 「緑の窓口」or travel agency.

The important thing is to ensure that the date of use is filled in at the ticket gate when boarding the train (or from the train crew when boarding from an unmanned station). You’ll get a stamp with a boarding date.

Limited express, express and green car trains, including the Shinkansen, are not covered, and as usual, a limited express, express and green car ticket as well as a boarding ticket are required, but green car unreserved seats on ordinary and rapid trains can be taken if a green car ticket is purchased separately.

Prices are ¥7,850 for adults and ¥3,920 for children. (The children fare is cheaper than Seisyun 18 ticket )

Autumn Unlimited Ride Pass Hokkaido Shinkansen Option Ticket

JR's discount ticket for use over three consecutive days within the two-week period of use centred on Railways Day on 14 October. The amount on sale is 7,850 yen and cannot be used in instalments, but there is a cheaper child fare (3,920 yen). As far as child fares are concerned, they are cheaper than the Seishun 18 ticket.

JR companies will sell the Autumn Unlimited Ride Pass and the Autumn Unlimited Ride Pass Hokkaido Shinkansen Option Ticket from 16 September to 20 October. The period of use is 7-22 October.

The Hokkaido Shinkansen Option Ticket allows one one-way trip on the Hokkaido Shinkansen Okutsugaru-Mamabetsu to Kikonai ordinary train and on the Donan Isaribi Railway Line Kikonai to Goryokaku ordinary train. It must be combined with the Autumn Unlimited Ride Pass, and the period of use is the same.

"Seisyun-18-ticket" 「青春18切符Ordinary Train Ordinary Car Free Seating.

5 unlimited rides on ordinary unreserved seats in ordinary trains on all JR lines. Group use is possible. JR offers the tickets 3 times a year.

You can choose the better choice from Autumn Unlimited Ride Pass (Shinkansen option) to seisyun 18 ticket.